3D Render Floor Plans

3D Render Floor Plans
to better understand the Spaces
and for a real ” wow ” effect!


The ” Furnished 3D Render Floorplans ” service includes 2 to 4 top views of the property, the inclusion of standard furnishings and finishes, in neutral tones, for the sole purpose of example; There are no customizations of materials or furnishings, but it is possible to send a distribution scheme of furniture for the kitchen connections and the position of the sanitary fixtures in the bathrooms.

In case of special needs and requests for customization of textures or furnishings, specify them when requesting a quote or opt for the “ Virtual Home Staging ” service.
Costs: starting from 55.00 euros up to 50 square meters

If you choose the Furnished Render Plan, you can request the Interior Render of even just one Room!
Go to: Home Staging Virtuale Light!


For information and costs: info@planimetrierealistiche.com