Conditions of sale

With the purchase of services, all the conditions of the service are implicitly accepted as indicated below:


. To request one of the Realistic Floor Plans services, simply send an email to, specifying your needs and attaching the documentation in order to receive a quote and directions for purchasing the service.

. Once the quote has been received and accepted, after sending the documentation or at the same time as sending it, payment can be made based on the information received.

. Upon payment received, the relative invoice will be issued (VAT free)

. The processing of the drawings will begin after receipt of the Payment and all the necessary documentation (maps with indications of the intended use of the rooms, cooking area connections, sanitary layouts, any real estate photos), to be sent preferably within two days of payment.

. By single Floor Plan we mean the Floor Plan of an apartment on one level. For apartments distributed over several levels, a surcharge will be applied for each level


. The times for the realization and therefore the sending of the 2D and 3D plans are within three working days following the receipt of the payment and the complete information and documentation (plans, photos, details or variations with respect to the state of affairs) (for working days yes means from Monday to Friday);

. The times for the realization and therefore the sending of the documents for the Virtual Home Staging are within five working days following the receipt of the payment and the indications and complete documentation (plans, photos, details or variations with respect to the current state of affairs) (for working days means from Monday to Friday). In the case of apartments on multiple levels, the sending will be established on a case-by-case basis.

. In case of purchase of packages (of Plans or Virtual Home Staging) and request of more elaborate at the same time, the processing times are within 2/3 working days more for each 2D or 3D Planimetry and within 4/5 working days more for each processed for HSV for one-level properties

. In case of urgency, prices may vary

. The timing may vary in the event that the materials and information necessary for the execution of the documents are not sent within 3 working days of purchase.

. It is possible to request the insertion of the Company Logo on the documents at no additional cost (the Logo must be sent together with all the documentation)

. Specific needs and requests (customized delivery formats, insertion of captions, changes to the standards present on the site), must always be reported before the purchase and the quote, since the prices will have to be adapted to the requested customization.

. The only accepted way to receive the cadastral map is a scan from a flatbed scanner, no photos from a mobile phone as the lines of the plan itself would be deformed and the reference scale would be lost.

. The customer must specify in which scale the cadastral map is made, or, if he does not have this information, he must indicate at least two measurements on the map itself, as a reference in order to go back to the scale. In case of incorrect or absent information, for any subsequent changes the relative costs will be estimated.

. The 2D plans will be made on a scale of 1: 100

. the Logo of “” will be shown in the lower corner of each graphic.

. The Graphic Elaborations created remain the property of di Emanuela Sasso and may be used for advertising purposes on the site, on social pages or other sites.

. All graphics will be sent in .jpg format to the email address specified by the customer.


. It is possible to send directions for the arrangement of the furnishings, even with sketches made on a copy of the cadastral map, as long as they are clear and legible.

. In the event that no indications are sent, no requests for variations are specified with respect to the documentation or photos of construction details (positioning of sanitary fixtures in the bathrooms, fixed furnishings, kitchenette position) to be reproduced on the documents, the Works themselves will be created starting from the documentation received, any subsequent changes will be estimated.

. The Plans and the drawings of the Virtual Home Staging are not customizable ” Project ” drawings, but are limited to reproducing the spaces, the dimensions and the openings (external and internal fixtures) of the building, furnishing everything with furniture an example, albeit accurate, which helps to define the spatiality of the environments.

There are no intermediate stages between the start of processing and the delivery of the final documents.