Faq english

1) What do the prices of 2D floor plans vary?
The prices of the Plans vary according to the size (square meters) and levels (floors) of the individual properties.
Examples are shown in the price list.
In any case, a confirmation quote must always be requested.
2) What do the prices of 3D Render Plans and Virtual Home Staging vary?
The prices of 3D Render Plans and Virtual Home Staging drawings vary according to the size of the buildings, the number of rooms that compose them and according to the levels (floors) of the same.
Costs may vary even in the presence of non-standard construction characteristics to be represented (for example exposed beams, particular stairways, pre-existing concrete or masonry artifacts).
It is possible to calculate the indicative cost through the price list, however a personalized quote must always be requested.
3) How is the payment made?
Payment, always in advance, can be made by bank transfer, based on the coordinates and the estimate that will be provided.
4) Will I receive the invoice?
Upon receipt of payment, an invoice will be issued (VAT exempt)
5) Can I save money by purchasing Packages?
By purchasing the Floor Plans service (2D or 3D) at the same time, a 5% discount will be applied to the total calculated with the estimate for 5 properties.
From 6 properties onwards, a 7% discount will be applied. It is not possible to purchase Packages for future properties.
In case of purchase of the Virtual Home Staging Service for 3 properties, a 5% discount on the total will be applied
6) Do the purchases have an expiration date?
Since the purchase of Packages for future properties is not foreseen, it is unlikely that a credit will remain open, but should it happen, the credit must be used within three months.
7) How long does it take to receive the documents?
The drawings for the 2D and 3D floor plans are sent within three working days following receipt of payment and complete information and documentation;
the printouts of the Virtual Home Staging, for properties on one level, are sent within five working days following receipt of payment and complete information and documentation. The times refer to the single property. In the event of a simultaneous request for documents for several properties, the times are valid for each property.
8) What documentation do I have to send to request my documents?
First, the scan of the cadastral map or the already digitized file of the map (NO PHOTO TO MOBILE!) In scale and with indication of the scale used or with reference measurements if the scale is absent. The plan must also indicate the intended use of the rooms. Any changes with respect to the state of affairs must always be reported, even on the map. For some types of documents, it is also necessary to send photos of the property, they will be used to check the types of flooring and the position of the bathroom fixtures and kitchen connections.
9) Can I ask for changes or check drafts of the documents?
There are no drafts of the documents, except for the documents in the ” design ” section.
We always request all documentation and specific information to avoid subsequent changes to the sending of the final documents, free only in the event of our obvious errors.
Modifications subsequent to the sending of the final documents or modifications during the execution of the work, must be budgeted.

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