Realistic Floor Plans

The ” Realistic ” definition chosen for the Floor Plans arises from the care and “realism” that characterize the designs that give the Site its name, which has become a registered trademark, confirming the uniqueness of the final product;
whether they are a faithful representation of the properties, or a hypothesis of Restyling, the Realistic Floor Plans are often real furnishing projects that future buyers can be inspired by for their new home.
The Realistic Floor Plans, inserted in the sale announcements of the properties, will embellish them and help the Real Estate Agency in describing them to future buyers.


There are two versions of Realistic Floor Plans:


Standard Realistic Floorplan

Plus Realistic Floorplan



The plant is redesigned and realistic textures for the floors are applied to the rooms; the furnishings, standard but also realistic, are arranged to make people understand the intended use of the rooms and their dimensions, creating real mini-furniture projects.
The Realistic Floor Plans are made on a scale of 1:100;
Final resolution 300 dpi.

Realistic Floor Plans are now available in two versions:
Standard, with a single flooring for the interior of the building, modern furnishings, standard exterior fixtures, which cannot be customized, and Plus, with customizable flooring based on those present in the property or customer requests;
It is also possible to send a diagram of the distribution of the furnishings in the map and indicate any changes to the distribution of the rooms with respect to the current state of affairs.

Costs: starting from € 30.00 up to 60 square meters for Standard Realistic Floor Plans

Realistic Project Plan

In the event that multiple versions are requested for a floor plan where changes in furnishings, flooring or design changes are necessary (eg obtaining a room, moving partitions, etc.) it is possible to request the Realistic Design Plan, the cost of which will be estimated based on the changes to be carried out.

To request the price list or a personalized quote, send an email to: