The Plans

Why insert a professional floor plan in your sales ads?


The cadastral maps of the properties are part of the documentation to be delivered at the time of sale, but they are not suitable for publication in the photo gallery of the real estate ads of the apartments, for more than one reason:
1) Let’s face it, cadastral maps are ” ugly ”!
You have spent time or paid a trusted professional to create the photo shoot of the property, perhaps preceded by a Home Staging intervention, why ruin everything with a sloppy and messy floor plan?
2) The cadastral maps are understandable almost exclusively to the insiders; a potential buyer, seeing a cadastral map published in the announcement, will hardly understand the exact layout of the rooms and their measures.
3) Inserting a professional floor plan (Realistic for example) in the ads of your showcase, it will save you many words in the description and time when they contact you for information about the apartment, as it will all be evident in the floor plan.
4) A professional floor plan published in the ad, will save you time in unnecessary visits: buyers know their needs, see in the Furnished Floor Plan the distribution of the rooms and their dimensions, it will allow them to understand if an apartment corresponds to theirs or not. expectations, before scheduling a possible visit.
5) A Professional Floor Plan published in your ads will increase the number of visits to those ads.
6) Inserting a furnished plan in the ads of your showcase will give an image of the care you have towards the customer and towards the properties you are managing, and therefore will make you perceive the professionalism of your agency.

Choose the Floor Plan that best suits your needs:

Realistic Floor Plan

Furnished Floor Plan in Black and White

Basic Floor Plan

3D Render Floor Plan